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The Next Waves of Science:  NGSS, CCSS and STEM!

October 23, 24 and 25th  

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Shorecrest High School in Shoreline, Washington


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National Youth Science Camp®

The NATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE CAMP is an honors program for two highachieving high school students from each state in the United States and others from around the world. This residential summer experience is held in a rustic setting in West Virginia’s eastern mountains and has honored and challenged over 5,000 participants since it began in 1963.
National Representation Graduating high school seniors representing each state and several countries are selected to attend the NYSC through state and country-based competitions. Selection criteria include demonstrated achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and participation in school and community activities, with leadership potential.

The NYSC is operated by the National Youth Science Foundation® , a nonprofit organization. For more information please visit, call (304) 205-9724, send an E-mail message to,

U.S. National Model STEM Education Program Opportunity

Dear STEM education colleague,

The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) was designed as a model U.S.
national STEM education initiative to inspire and engage the next generation.
It was launched in 2010, before 'STEM' became a curricular focal point, and serves as a phenomenal, high media visibility, high caliber, turn-key program that can provide a district a core STEM activity tuned to Next Generation Science Standards. Over 45,900 grade 5-15 students have now been immersed in real experiment design across 110 communities and 113 flight experiments have flown (each representing a community), with 25 more awaiting launch in June 2015 on the SpaceX-7 mission to the International Space Station.

SSEP provides truly authentic STEM education experiences with seamless integration across STEM disciplines, and cross-disciplinary connections to reading, writing, communication, and art and design. SSEP is garnering very significant media attention at the local, regional and national level, which can be effectively leveraged by a school district.

We are truly inviting YOUR students to be real researchers, and your community to be part of America’s and Canada's Space Program – in fact we want you to have your OWN Space Program.

Click here for more information

Teacher Survey

Would you like a chance to win an iPad Mini or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet (if you win, you can pick which you get)? Two will be given away. We are looking for secondary science teachers to complete an anonymous, 20-minute survey to help us understand the effects research experiences have on teachers’ skills and practices once they begin their careers. The survey is for all secondary (6-12) science teachers regardless of their research experience. The survey contains background questions, questions about your classroom and classroom practices, and questions about any research experiences that you may have participated in. Once you have completed the survey you will be given the opportunity to enter your name in a drawing for the iPad Mini or Galaxy Tablet.


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact either Dr. Sarah Boesdorfer, 319-273-7146 or, or Dr. Dawn Del Carlo, 319-273-3296or


The survey can be found at

Employment Notices
If you have a job opening and you would like to advertise it for free on WSTA.NET, please send the advertisement to webmaster and we will post it!  Please make sure the advertisement is in ASCII Text (no PDFs or other attachments).  Listings will be posted for 60 days.

Mentoring Students to Create High Quality Science Projects

FREE Clock Hours for Teachers!

9:30 to 3:30 Saturday March 28, 2015

Washington State Science and Engineering Fair

1500 13th Street, Bremerton, WA 9833


From making structured observations to communicating scientific results in a poster presentation, this 4hr course will cover the fundamentals of how scientists develop projects. We will walk participants through the development of a science research project by learning how to ask a testable research questioncollect and analyze quantitative data, and display the four parts of a scientific report. We’ll answer questions such as “Why do you need to replicate your project?” and “What’s the difference between the results and the discussion?” The course will help parents and teachers guide students in producing independent science research projects while meeting the Washington State education standards.

Components of the workshop will include:

·         Making observations and asking a testable research question.


·         Presentations and example posters describing research conducted at the University of Washington and through USDA Forest Service Research and Development.


·         Subtleties of designing research  methods: Controls, replication, sample size


·         What to  do with your data: Averages, graphs and statistics


·         Interpretation and Inference, drawing valid conclusions.


·         Mini-hands-on research project.


This won’t be a workshop on how science fair projects are judged but rather, a handson explanation of how high quality science projects are conceived, conducted, and communicated. After the workshop, participants should be able to guide students in critiquing scientific reports in the news, crafting testable research questions on any topic, and putting it all together in a clear and scientific poster.


Instructors: Kathryn Kelsey, Ph.D. Kathryn is a Science Teacher with the Seattle Public Schools and helps organize the Seattle Middle School Science and Engineering Fair. She has over two decades of science classroom experience.

Ashley Steel, Ph.D., is a quantitative ecologist and statistician with the USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station. She  explores data from a wide variety of science topics and has been collecting and publishing her own data since the early 1990s.

Together, Kathryn and Ashley cowrote “The Truth About Science: A Curriculum for Developing Young Scientists” published in 2001 by NSTA Press and “Ecology by Inquiry” available online at They have designed and presented dozens of workshops to help teachers understand how scientists think and how real science is conducted, including a 3credit course through UW Extension.

FREE Clock Hours and lunch provided by the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair.

To register, email


Professional Development Survey

In an effort to meet the training needs of our membership, WSTA is conducting a survey online through Survey Monkey to determine what professional development members believe we should offer in each of our regions. The survey takes about 3-5 minutes and can be accessed at:

WSTA 2014 Conference

October 17 to 19, 2014

Downtown Spokane Conference Center 

The Next Generation:  Science and STEM for All!

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Conference Information

1. Conference Program and Conference APP


WSTA Board attends National Congress on Science Education in DC in July 2014!


WSTA attended the annual National Congress on Science Education (NCSE) held in Washington, DC this year. state science teacher organizations with information and a voice for science education matters through NSTA. The latest information and resolutions are brought to state chapters, and chapters can provide input on these matters. This years workshop topics included:

  • Providing Support to State Chapters   
  • Using Technology to Improve Communications and Membership   
  • Next Generation Science Standards and their Implementation

John Parker (President) attended the congress on behalf of WSTA and information from the congress  was provided to the WSTA Board and incorporated into strategic planning and goal setting at the Board Retreat in August at Baker Lake Lodge.

Donate to WSTA

WSTA is a non-profit organization and gladly excepts donations to further the science education of our youth in Washington state through our mission and vision. If you would like to make a donation, please click the link Donate to WSTA.



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